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  • Asia Pacific

    Room 1404-08, 14th Floor,

    Hang Seng North Point Building,

    341 King's Road, North Point,

    Hong Kong.

    Mr. Azhar Rafee

    T: +852-8191-1696

    E: Info@vertika.tv

  • India

    4th Floor, Statesman House,

    Connought Place,

    New Delhi – 110001

    Mr. S.N. Bhaduri

    T: +91-981-1202-138

    E: info@vertika.tv

  • Pakistan

    1st Floor, Building No. 21/D,

    10th Street, Khadda Market,

    Phase V, Karachi, Pakistan.

    Mr. Ahmed Ali

    T: +92-333-3826-856

    E: support.pk@vertika.tv

  • UAE

    Mr. Nadeem Naqi

    P.O.Box 51103, Dubai

    T: +97-150-2514-663

    E: info@vertika.tv